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paper doily machine,paper doyley machine

Paper Doily Production Line       Model:RXM-D

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  • High accuracy,stable performance,reasonable structure,energy saving and quiet
  • Pattern cutting,pattern compressing,die cutting,all in one time of forming
  • Easily installation and debugging
  • Use 45-60g pure white paper
  • Production output:55,000pcs per hour,(7.5 inches,Φ190mm round shape)
  • Automatic counting alarm,main motor ures pole-changing control,which is easily operated.
  • Apply to diameter between 420-100mm(about 16.5 inchech--4.5 inches)round,square,oval shaped paper doily
  • General power less than 3kw
  • Outline* dimension:4500*1500*1900mm(Length*Width*Height)
  • Weight:1800kg
  • Maximum paper doily size Length*Width25*16.5 inches round shape diameterΦ16.5 inches