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CNC auto coaster machine,coaster printing machine

CNC Introduction of Auto Coaster Machine


This machine is designed to make the coasters,and also can prin all kinds of PVC roll film which the  width is less than 130mm.

The machine can finish pinish  printing 4 colors at the same time,in the right printing positing position,and also finish die-cutting after printing.

The machine is PLC auto-controlled,with stable performance,easy operation ,and high energy saving.First to set the production quantity as per required quantity,then start the machine,after finish the required quantity ,the machine stops automatically,which makes it high efficient.This machine is the very advanced coaster printed machine in China,olso can be used to print double-layer paper,that automatically add the glue and recycle  the extra paper.

Printed width(nax):130mm                          die-cut  range(max):130/90mm

Printed length(max):90mm                          Puoduct width(max):140mm

Printing speed:0−45times/hour                  Supply voltage:380v

Power of motor:1.5kw(main engine)          Glueing machine motor:0.55kw(glueing)

Physicai dimension:1600*850*1295mm(main engine)

                                       320*300*640mm(glueing device)  ;            500*500*630mm(paper rack)

Machine weight:850kg‘